Lance Francisco Logo


For years Globe Telecom has been using their line “Create. Wonderful”. They wanted to update this line without losing its essence. So, we thought of the insight that an experience only becomes wonderful when it has purpose, when it’s created with love. We created a campaign highlighting the next generation of creators and their amazing creations created with love.

We first designed a logo that lets us showcase creators and creations a like. Using a blank line followed by the words “with love”, the design made it visually flexible to highlight any type of creator and the things they do.

We promoted this online - in banner ads, websites, and social media. Whether it’s painting, photography, dancing, singing, pottery, or whatever the hell it is they are in to, we wanted people to just keep on creating:

And we celebrated the amazing things they did:

We then launched a film:

Along with a 15s TVC:

We took the campaign offline as well:

Even created a space for people to share their talents:

Because you create wonderful things when you
Create. With Love.

ECD: Brandie Tan
CD: Javey Villones
Copy: Zach Lim
Art: Lance Francisco/ Villarica Manuel