Netflix Sex Education “Wordplay is Foreplay”

Netflix is launching a new show called Sex Education.
In a conservative country such as the Philippines, where talking about sex can be uncomfortable and awkward, how do we get people to talk about it?

Filipinos have made so many creative ways to talk about sex without saying it. As juvenile as they seem, euphemisms actually empower Filipinos to talk about sex.
So why not celebrate it?

Wordplay is foreplay.

We started by giving a series of educational euphemisms to help us ease in the sex talk.

Then helped people talk about sex by being part of the conversation,
with Telegram, Instagram, and GIPHY stickers & memes.

When everyone started talking about it, we even made the actors start a conversation about sex.

And to continue the conversation, we made a series of short
lessons teaching our audience to talk out the most awkward issues.

The results? The internet couldn’t stop talking about it. 
Empowering Filipinos to talk about sex using euphemisms.

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Manila
Chief Creative Officer: Dave Ferrer
Executive Creative Director: Brandie Tan
Creative Director: Javey Villones
Copywriter: Zach Lim
Art Director: Lance Francisco

Lance Francisco