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We started by giving them new euphemisms to add to their dictionary.

We wanted dirty talk to be part of conversations, so we made stickers on Telegram, Instagram, and Giphy.

When everyone started talking about it, we even made a game for the cast to play.

And to continue the conversation, we made a series of handy guide books for the things we find so hard to talk about.

The results? The internet couldn’t stop talking about it. 
Making Filipinos talk about our show using euphemisms.

And when the show launched, it became the 3rd most popular series release in the Philippines for 2019, even beating Stranger Things.

(Photo from ABS-CBN)

Agency: J. Walter Thompson Manila
CCO: Dave Ferrer
ECD: Brandie Tan
CD: Javey Villones
Copy: Zach Lim
Art: Lance Francisco