Cannes Young Lions Digital Competition 2019 - Bronze Winner

THE BRIEF (provided by WWF):
WWF wants to increase the number of financial memberships – people who make a regular monthly donation to support the work of WWF. Providing people with the emotional and rationale reason to support the work of WWF is challenging. That’s why we need to create an intriguing and disruptive digital idea will galvanise people to become WWF members.  You can view the actual brief here.

Millennials - the digital natives.

Millennials were forever being bombarded with promising visions of the future (self-driving cars, space travel and so on), but what if they could buy into the idea that they needed to put some money aside so that the planet actually had a future at all?

By teaming up with start-ups, the campaign would encourage people to buy products of the future today – with payments continuing long after purchase. Half the money would go to the start-up to fund the new product, the rest would go to WWF.

The briefing, ideation, and execution all happened within 24 hours. Afterwards, we presented to a panel of five judges. And then, the shortlisted teams got to present again to the full ten judges subsequently.

Bronze/ 3rd place over 47 countries

Adobo Magazine
Now Go Create

Copywriter: Zach Lim
Art Director: Lance Francisco