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Cannes Young Lions Digital Competition 
2019 Bronze Global Winner

Make Millenials subscribe to a regular monthly donation to support the work of WWF. 
OUR SOLUTION: Package the monthly donations to be an installment plan for future products that help the future as well. You can’t have this future product if you don’t have a future to begin with.

Cannes Young Lions Digital Competition 2019 - Bronze Winner WWF Buy Back our Future Concept Board Lance Francisco

The briefing, ideation, and execution all happened within 24 hours. Afterwards, we presented to a panel of five judges. And then, the shortlisted teams got to present again to the full ten judges subsequently.

Here’s a photo of the judges discussing our work to all the competitors.

And here’s our bronze medal (we got one each)!

Bronze/ 3rd place over 47 countries

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Copy: Zach Lim
Art: Lance Francisco